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Operation Groundwork Week Long Training Program

Operation Groundwork

Learning how to farm is both an exciting and challenging time. While the movies make it look serene and beautiful (which it is!), putting together a profitable farm takes a lot of hard work, determination, and flexibility. Learning about plants, animals, soil health, and all the many layers involved in the farm ecosystem takes a lot of time. Every farmer out there will always recommend taking it slow and learning as much as you can through books, videos, and learning from other farmers and business owners. 

Our goal is to create a website that links to the many wonderful training information available for beginning farmers. We also know that hands-on experience is crucial in helping you find out if farming is for you.

Operation Groundwork, a one week training program offered here at Blue Yonder Organic Farm, is designed to give returning veterans (from any era) a peek into what it takes to set up and run a farm business through a combination of farm tours, hands on activities, and speakers. Offered in July and October of 2016, we have many opportunities for you to see if farming is right for you. Please see our application page for more info, or use the contact us form on this website.


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